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Are you planning on being away from your house for a period of time in the future? If you are, then there is no better way for you to gain peace of mind than by having a house sitter care for your home, garden and pets while you are away.

Benefits of hiring a house sitter...

  • Security - not leaving your house unoccupied and susceptible to a break in.

  • Peace of mind - knowing your house is being cared for.

  • No uncomfortable feelings of burdening your friend, family or neighbor to water plants, check mailboxes, feed and exercise pets, etc.

  • Pet care - knowing your pet is happy being looked after at home, instead of at an expensive pet motel.

  • Someone reliable collecting and redirecting mail, and taking your phone messages.


"We have been successful for a second time securing a delightful couple to look after our home in December.
Your service is fantastic. Thank you once again and I'm quite sure we will be using your service again when needed.
Yours sincerely."

- Janine